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New Balance PureAlign Recharge Sandal Men's Slides - (M2080)
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Clarifai provides many different models that 'see' the world differently. A model contains a group of concepts. A model will only see the concepts it contains.

There are times when you wish you had a model that sees the world the way you see it. The API allows you to do this. You can create your own model and train it with your own images and concepts. Once you train it to see how you would like it to see, you can then use that model to make predictions.

You do not need many images to get started. We recommend starting with 10 and adding more as needed. Before you train your first model you will have needed to create an application . From there you will be able to change your Base Workflow to optimize custom training using the knowledge base from select public models.

To get started training your own model, you must first add images that already contain the concepts you want your model to see.

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Once your images with concepts are added, you are now ready to create the model. You'll need a name for the model and you'll also need to provide it with the concepts you added above.

Take note of the model id that is returned in the response. You'll need that for the next two steps.

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Now that you've added images with concepts, then created a model with those concepts, the next step is to train the model. When you train a model, you are telling the system to look at all the images with concepts you've provided and learn from them. This train operation is asynchronous. It may take a few seconds for your model to be fully trained and ready.

Keep note of the model_version id in the response. We'll need that for the next section when we predict with the model.

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Now that we have a trained model. We can start making predictions with it. In our predict call we need to specify three items. The model id , model_version id and the input we want a prediction for.

Note: you can repeat the above steps as often as you like. By adding more images with concepts and training, you can get the model to predict exactly how you want it to.

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Workflows are a new entity added to Clarifai, which encompass one or more Public or Custom model(s). Every workflow is attached to one of your applications. Under each workflow, you will see a list of the public models and all custom models in that application when selecting models to add to your workflow. With Workflow Predict, you will be able to reduce the latency and in turn make your product more efficient.

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Jon Moore
Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap in Indianapolis, and co-founder of UX Power Tools.

Besides: “Yes, that is still misaligned.”

I always use this analogy:

No one cares what color the stitching is on the leather seats of your fancy concept car if it doesn’t even have wheels yet.

Prioritize your design efforts so that you’re satisfying all baseline requirements first . Then AND ONLY THEN can you move on to fancier things like custom illustrations and animation.


Which conveniently leads us to…

Sorry, everyone. It’s true. And I’m not saying this out of spite because I’m just not that good at it (which is also true).

World-class products have little to no animation at all:

Facebook . Salesforce . Dolce amp; Gabbana 105MM KEIRA ROSE SATIN SANDALS ketxuCFm

Facebook Salesforce Medium

These products are worth billions and billions and billions of dollars because they solve problems and deliver value, not because they have cute animations.

Yes, there is a time and place for animation, but start by spending your time delivering exceptional value through a best-in-class user experience. Then you can spend all the time you want making a cute little menu button that morphs into a McDonald’s Big Mac.

A pattern is something that’s regularly found in comparable objects.

Design patterns are called patterns because they’re found all over the place. Users are accustomed to doing things a certain way and that usually comes with expectations for the user experience.

I could design you a hundred different ways to filter a data table, but nothing will ever be as efficient as a left-hand rail of check boxes like the ones found on every eCommerce website.


Don’t spend your time being fancy for things that don’t need to be reinvented.

In the spirit of not reinventing your entire being , for the love of all things holy, make yourself some design templates.

You’ll save yourself seven metric boatloads of time.

According to Martin Nowak, a Harvard professor of mathematics and evolutionary biology "We cannot calculate the probability that an eye came about. We don't have the information to make the calculation". [6]

Dembski's critics note that specified complexity, as originally defined by Leslie Orgel, is precisely what Darwinian evolution is supposed to create. Critics maintain that Dembski uses "complex" as most people would use "absurdly improbable". They also claim that his argument is Tommy Hilfiger Lace iXoOlhcri
: CSI cannot occur naturally because Dembski has defined it thus. They argue that to successfully demonstrate the existence of CSI, it would be necessary to show that some biological feature undoubtedly has an extremely low probability of occurring by any natural means whatsoever, something which Dembski and others have almost never attempted to do. Such calculations depend on the accurate assessment of numerous contributing probabilities, the determination of which is often necessarily subjective. Hence, CSI can at most provide a "very high probability", but not absolute certainty.

Another criticism refers to the problem of "arbitrary but specific outcomes". For example, if a coin is tossed randomly 1000 times, the probability of any particular outcome occurring is roughly one in 10 300 . For any particular specific outcome of the coin-tossing process, the a priori probability that this pattern occurred is thus one in 10 300 , which is astronomically smaller than Dembski's universal probability bound of one in 10 150 . Yet we know that the post hoc probability of its happening is exactly one, since we observed it happening. This is similar to the observation that it is unlikely that any given person will win a lottery, but, eventually, a lottery will have a winner; to argue that it is very unlikely that any one player would win is not the same as proving that there is the same chance that no one will win. Similarly, it has been argued that "a space of possibilities is merely being explored, and we, as pattern-seeking animals, are merely imposing patterns, and therefore targets, after the fact." [14]

Apart from such theoretical considerations, critics cite reports of evidence of the kind of evolutionary "spontanteous generation" that Dembski claims is too improbable to occur naturally. For example, in 1982, B.G. Hall published research demonstrating that after removing a gene that allows sugar digestion in certain bacteria, those bacteria, when grown in media rich in sugar, rapidly evolve new sugar-digesting enzymes to replace those removed. [27] Another widely cited example is the discovery of Woman by Common Projects Black Tournament Low Super Sneakers k5dRbO
that produce enzymes only useful for digesting synthetic materials that did not exist prior to the invention of nylon in 1935.

We also showed that the impact of a displacement of the westerly wind belt on leakage can be regarded as a redistribution of momentum. Shifts of the westerlies equatorward increase the energy input over the southern portion of the supergyre and reduce it over the Southern Ocean. This results in enhanced leakage. Conversely, poleward shifts reduce leakage and the reduction would be accentuated following the adjustment (strengthening) of the circumpolar current. This result is at odds with previous claims.

Our investigation further suggested that the process behind the leakage response to changes in the westerlies is independent of model resolution, upstream transport of the Agulhas Current, and possibly retroflection energetics. However, this does not discredit the importance of nonlinearity in the region. The volumetric change in leakage within models is highly dependent on the correct representation of the numerous nonlinear interactions in the Agulhas system. More importantly, the corresponding changes in the amount of heat and salt being exported have the potential of impacting the circulation in the Atlantic.


This work received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013-Marie-Curie ITN, under Grant Agreement 238512, GATEWAYS project. Model experiments were performed at the high performance computing centers in Stuttgart (HLRS) and in Cape Town (CHPC) as well as at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (NESH). The Ariane-v2.2.6 Lagrangian package was used for Agulhas leakage calculation ( ). Altimetry data for model validation were downloaded ( ).

October 2013
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